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“My Labs bring out the best in me.”

I love all dogs, but there’s something special about the Labrador Retriever. Their qualities of being patient, dependable, eager, playful, loving and gentle – and the fact they LOVE WATER, this was the breed for me.

Growing up, my family had a Collie mix and a Doberman Pinscher. It wasn’t until I went to college that I got my first Lab. It was during the time that the Magnum PI series was on TV, so of course I named my black lab Magnum. When I got Magnum, I was just learning to windsurf. Being a typical Lab, Magnum wasn’t going to be left on the shore, so he too, learned to windsurf.

Black Labrador windsurfing with his owner
Kathy and Magnum riding the wind on Boyd Lake, Colorado

My next Lab puppy, a yellow, was named Hobie. (A.k.a Hobie Wan Kenobi.) At 15 weeks old, Hobie toured Baja with me and a bunch of windsurfers. He learned at an early age that he was going to be around water . . . a lot . . . and be crammed into windsurf vans. And that dog loved it!

Yellow Labrador Puppy on a windsurf board
Puppy Hobie in Baja on a windsurf board
Yellow Labrador sleeping in a van
Hobie chillin on a trip to Baja

When Hobie was around 10 years old, I got another yellow Lab puppy I named Boss. Though Hobie was suffering from arthritis by then, having Boss brought new life into him. Hobie became the main trainer for Boss, which made my life so much easier. These two dogs were so tight and inseparable. It was truly an amazing experience to witness their relationship.

Hobie and Boss resting after hiking and swimming
Hobie and Boss resting after hiking and swimming
Hobie and Boss swimming in a river
Hobie and Boss swimming in a river
Hobie, Boss and Kathy chillin
Forever best friends

Sadly, we lost Hobie at the age of 12. It was then that Boss became the adult dog and took on his new responsibility with such finesse and eagerness. Already well trained by Hobie, Boss became my consent companion and did everything with me. Our adventures included stand up paddle boarding, backpacking trips, horseback rides, flying in small planes, x-country skiing, and numerous camping-road-trips. He lived until the ripe old age of 14 1/2.

Kathy and Boss in the Sierra Nevada Mtns
Kathy and Boss in the Sierra Nevada Mtns
Boss the Labrador Retriever
Boss the Lab
Photographer Kathy Klossner & Boss at Canyon De Chelly
Kathy & Boss at Canyon De Chelly, AZ

After spending 3 years without a dog and not having one along on all my adventures, I got my new Lab puppy in February 2020. I named my new companion, Apollo Loki Motion, aka Loki. Though he had big paws to fill (from Magnum, Hobie and Boss), he is my constant shadow and buddy.

Loki and Kathy on the Quad - First day
Loki riding along on a quad
Loki at Mammoth Mountain
Loki at Mammoth Mountain, CA
Kathy & Loki in the snow at Lake Tahoe
Kathy and Loki in Tahoe snow

I am so thankful to have had all these great dogs in my life! Because of them, they have made me a better person and have showed me how to worry less and play more. Loki and I are continuing that tradition with many adventures to come.

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